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Newsletter (May 2023)

May 2023

Enjoying the weather!

I can tell Summer is around the corner……. How?
All the walkers had their T-shirts on in Dean’s photos from the bottom lock near Whittle Springs!

Walkers at Whittle Springs
Enjoying some T-shirt weather

And talking about good weather, now is the time to join some outdoor groups.

As well as enjoying the numerous activities on offer – from tennis, bowls, croquet, walking – you can also top up your tan!

Even Indoor Games went outdoors during the lovely weather. Thanks to Audrey for this picture of them all outside the club house.

Why play games indoors when it’s sunny outside?

The best way to find out what is happening is to have a look at the welcome page of the website, there are always new groups setting up. If you want to take part, sign up as some of them  – the theatre and social outings groups especially – get booked up quickly. You’ve got to be in it…as they say.

A reminder…..

For members already enjoying all the great groups, a little reminder. While the summer holidays are only a few weeks away, could you all let your group convenors know if you can’t make a session please.

Hello and welcome!

Here’s a shout out to our new members who have joined us recently. We extend a warm and friendly welcome to you all. So hello to Linda Ewen, Debbie Asquith, Elaine Burrow, Trevor and Jane Collyer, Phillip Hall, Robert and Rosemary Nuttall and Glyn Trumper

Inspire Invites

Many of you will remember our U3a visit to the Chorley Youth Zone earlier in the year, and being amazed at the facilities and what they do for children around the town. Since, we have been helping to develop the ‘Inspire Invites’ initiative alongside the Inspire team, focusing on a more connected and involved adult community around Chorley and surrounding areas.

Come along to Inspire Invites at Chorley Youth Zone

The activities at Inspire Invites will be available free of charge every Friday from 10am until 1pm. The opening is on Friday, May 26, with a range of activities offered including; table tennis, walking football, singing, handbells, yoga, Pilates and craft. Food and chat will also be a central part of all this, together with short term support and information if needed.

The hope is that people attending will have fun, try new activities and then be encouraged to take part in these activities within their own communities. All U3a members are welcome to go along every Friday morning to have fun and enjoy themselves. WPVu3a is helping with some of the activities along with other partner organisations.  We will be looking temporarily try out new U3a activities as part of Inspire Invites. It would be great if you could go along, have fun and support this.

Your feedback is also important as Inspire Invites will build and develop based on what works well. Look forward to seeing you there.

June’s speaker meeting will be busy…..

There’s a buzz about the next speaker – pardon the pun.

There will a chance to learn all about the amazing honey bee from Sarah who runs The Bees Country Kitchen.

Sarah will talk about The Story of the Bees and the growth of the company’s catering business which started on Chorley Market, and as now moved to purpose-built premises at Primrose Gardens. The company was also nominated in BBC Radio Four’s Food and Farming Awards.

The June speaker meeting is on Wednesday, June 7, at 10.30am. Come early for a cuppa and a biscuit. Admission is £2.

Our Survey findings

Thanks to everyone who completed our recent ‘Welcoming, Friendly and Inclusive’ survey.

It was pleasing to see that most of those who responded are very happy with our u3a, but we can of course always strive to improve.

With this in mind we have taken heed of the points raised and developed an action plan to help us make a few changes that should make a positive difference. So… this is what we are going to do this year:

We will update our communications, including leaflets given to new members and any future advertising material, to emphasis our ‘welcoming, friendly and inclusive’ approach in all we do.

We know not everyone reads the monthly newsletter, but we hope you will have a read as it is an important place to go for lots of good information about what’s happening. We will also use additional forms of communication to help keep everyone up to date.

We will encourage new members to come to a Drop-In session where they can have a look at our website and get tips on how to navigate it.

New members will receive a welcoming email and also a welcome shout out in the newsletter, with their permission.

We will use ‘known as’ names in our communications with members rather than a formal first name where necessary.

We know it can be daunting entering a room for the first time when you don’t know anyone, so we will endeavour to have a nominated person for members to talk to, and who can help introduce them to other members.

We will encourage Group Convenors to chat to a new member after their first session to get any feedback.

We will provide a waiting list for Groups that are full so when places become available, they will be offered to those on the list.

Accessibility and parking can be an issue at WFSSC so we are looking at other venues for our speaker meetings and some of our interest groups. However, cost and availability often prove problematic but we would welcome any suggestions and venue contacts from members so we have a selection across our area.

We also want to hear from members who have suggestions for topics and speakers.

We will link with partners across Chorley to improve the U3a offer for existing and new members, and to help us engage with a wide range of people no longer in work.

We will regularly review all the above.

Thanks again to all those who contributed. If you would like to help out in any capacity please get in touch. If the five people who have already offered would get in touch with Ann. We would love to have you – and as always we are here to listen so please shout out if you have anything to say about how things are going or have suggestions to make!

Did you spot the gorilla?

We were treated to a fabulous talk by Dr Debbie Pope from the University of Central Lancashire at the beginning of May. A record turnout heard Debbie explain what psychology was all about, and were entertained with interesting facts about the power of the mind.

Learning the superpower of language is an amazing human feat but we nearly all just do it from an early age. Why is our memory so unreliable and can your memory be changed?  We were treated to some fun videos demonstrating how our minds block things out when we focus on a particular task… who saw that gorilla walking and waving across the basketball court when we were counting ball passes, or the curtains changing colour? Who spotted the 21 changes in the ‘Agatha Christie’ who done it?

Everyone was so interested that there is plan for follow up sessions in August to go into a bit more detail about language, memory, imagery and problem solving, decision making and reasoning, and emotions. Anyone interested in coming along to this group please look on the website for further details. 

What’s been going on…

Enjoying a get together lunch

The walking group decided to hang up their rucksacks recently for a get together. They enjoyed a lunch at Blunch in Chorley.

The Craft Group went back in time for one of its events when they had a talk by two members of the John Saville Household Re-enactment society who brought fascinating in examples of Medieval weaving and embroidery.

Help is available

Anyone who struggles with the website can find help by clicking on the Help option from the website menu.

Don’t struggle…

We can reserve a parking spot right next to the clubhouse for those finding it difficult to walk up. Just let us know.

Don’t forget your can get all the national u3a news as well as lots of info about different courses etc at the national u3a website.

We hope you have enjoyed this month’s newsletter. If you have any contributions please contact Lynn using the form below.

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