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Newsletter (November 2023)


 You have all had the email – and hopefully read it – there’s only 11 days to the Christmas Quiz!

It’s one of the highlights of the year and this December is no exception.

Get those festive jumpers out and come along and join a team.

There will a prize for the winning team – and a booby for the lowest scoring team – plus a prize for the best Christmas outfit.

There will be refreshments – including mince pies of course!

So make sure the date is in your diary – Wednesday, December 6 at 10.30 at Withnell Fold Sports and Social Club. With thanks to our quiz masters Jayne and Graham.

PS: Don’t forget the WFSSC’s annual Christmas carol singing on Friday, December 22. There will be carolling around the village before back to the clubhouse for refreshments – and our fabulous ukulele and chimes groups will be providing some entertainment.

Festive food

More on a festive theme, don’t forget next week’s cookery demonstration on Wednesday (November 29).

The owner of the popular Bees Kitchen in Chorley, will showing how to make two savoury dishes and one sweet, suitable as starters and puds for a buffet – all made with local produce. The demo starts at 10.30 and will be in place of the usual drop-in.

Time to go contactless…….

No more scrambling around for cash before you leave home!

From next week members can pay for groups, events, meetings etc at WFSSC and Hillside using our new Contactless card reader. We’re hoping this will make life much simpler for everyone………including our Treasurer.

Here’s how to do it

The reader is simple and intuitive to use and we encourage members to take a “self-service” approach to paying with it. The steps to a successful payment, shown in the image below, take no longer than digging around for cash, counting change and so on. There will be a fully trained colleague on hand to assist if needed.

Cash, of course, is still, and will remain, very acceptable……..though it does take a lot of counting……

Thanks to Paul for bringing into the 21st century with payments.

What’s been happening this month……

An awful lot by the looks of things. Here goes……

Is it safe to fly?

Is it?………….

Members of the our newest group STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – were about to find out at its inaugural meeting.

Do you know:

The best seats to choose for safety next time you fly?

  1. What not to do when you achieve your lifetime ambition of using an aeroplane escape chute?
  2. Has an airborne jumbo jet ever been struck by a salmon? True or False?

Answers at the end of the newsletter!

Robert Nuttall introduced the group with a talk entitled “So You Think It’s Safe to Fly?” Well, I did, and following Robert’s very entertaining and informative talk, I still do. Talking on aircraft safety, in particular jet engine design and testing, Robert gave his audience new knowledge on the subject interspersed with humorous insight into that world. Rather than a purely technical group, STEM promises to help the lay person gain new knowledge of a wide range of subjects.

Future plans include visits to science-based locations such as Jodrell Bank and The Museum of Science and Industry, alongside talks and presentations at WFSSC. The next meeting: “The Science of Christmas” is on December 20 at WFSSC.

“When was the Nativity?” – “Probably not on December 25th” – come along to find out.

Strollers set off!

Another new group stepped out on a glorious, crisp autumn day for the first meeting of SOSS.

The happy Strollers

As it was Remembrance Day, they held a two minutes’ silence near the garden of Remembrance in Astley Park before strolling off for a leisurely walk past Astley Hall, the lake then into the woods where the beech trees looked magnificent  in the sunshine .

Into the woods

After the circular walk of 1.5 miles they returned to the cafe where refreshments  were enjoyed in the courtyard.

What a great start to this new group. Hopefully  every walk will be  blessed with similar weather.

The next walk will take place on December 2.

If you would like to join the Saturday or Sunday Strollers contact Group Convenor via the Web

Getting the heights for gardening

Six members of the Gardening Group recently enjoyed a visit to the Castlefield Viaduct in Manchester. 

High rise gardens

This Victorian Viaduct, which used to transport goods by rail to the Great Northern Warehouse and had been closed since 1969, has been transformed by the National Trust into an elevated park.

Although much shorter than New York’s High Line, the Viaduct is imaginatively planted and has a wealth of information about Manchester’s industrial heritage . The Metrolink now runs parallel to the Viaduct and the views include trams and 21st century high rise buildings, the Bridgewater canal and Roman remains. 

Don’t be a gooseberry

A fascinating visit for those interested in transport and history as well as horticulture.  The NT hopes to expand the walkway in the future, perhaps as far as Trafford! The Viaduct is free to visit and is close to public transport links. 

Kath Parker

And the lows for tunnels

From the highs to the lows – the walking group went ‘underground’ for their latest trek to Lostock tunnels.

It looked as wet on land as underground!

Take some blokes to a car show full of very shiny – and very expensive – cars, and it has the makings of a grand day out.

That’s just what three members of the Classic Car Appreciation group had when they enjoyed an outing to the Classic Car show at Birmingham NEC.

Might be a bit out of your price range Nick!

Judging by the concentration on their faces, they were hooked! They visited three massive halls were filled with motors of all types – and price tags – car , paraphernalia and lots of stuff only vaguely connected to motoring.

Not your colour Nick and Geoff

There was lots of ‘Oohing and aahing’ and reminiscing about the  old classics but they say they all managed to resist the temptation to buy. 

Can you fix it Geoff?

After several hours of wandering about, the they soothed our aching limbs with a well deserved pint!

Don’t struggle

Anyone who struggles with the website can find help by clicking on the Help option from the website menu.

Anyone having difficulty getting to meetings, we can reserve a parking spot right next to the clubhouse. Just let us know.

National news

Don’t forget your can get all the national u3a news as well as lots of info about different courses etc at the national u3a website.

We hope you have enjoyed this month’s newsletter. If you have any contributions please contact Lynn using the form below.

The answers

  1. The six rows nearest an exit have been shown as the safest to choose in case of evacuation.
  2. Don’t stand at the bottom thanking your lucky stars as the next passenger down will hit you on the shins – possibly breaking them

3. True

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