WPVu3a IT Systems

Our systems are for those involved in the organisation of West Pennine Villages u3a. They can be accessed using just about any type of device (computer, phone or tablet) but work best if accessed from

  • a desktop device (Windows, Linux, Mac or Chromebook) using the most recent version of Google Chrome or
  • a mobile device (Android Tablet or Phone, iPad or Phone) configured with a WPVu3a Work Profile.

Internet Domain

Our presence on the internet is centred on our registered domain, westpenninevillagesu3a.org.uk. This allows us to direct internet users, including members and potential members, to our website. It also allows us to have our own set of u3a email addresses for officers and group conveners. This helps us to identify ourselves and to provide some confidence that “we are who we say we are”.


Besides the website and our membership system (Beacon) we have our own set of Google applications which operate within our own Google Workspace.

u3a Account

Access to most u3a IT systems is available for those with a u3a Google Workspace account. Access is available to all officers, committee members and group convenors.


The u3a website is publicly available at https://westpenninevillagesu3a.org.uk. Control of the content of each web page, is wherever possible, devolved to a Page Editor who is usually the appropriate u3a officer or a group convenor.

Many of the pages on the website contain a form for visitors to leave a message. Messages are delivered to the Page Editor’s u3a email address.

To make changes to our website use the link found by selecting the blue ‘For Web Page Editors’ button from the website menu.

u3a Email

A u3a account comes with a u3a email address. This helps to keep u3a email separate from personal email.

Email is accessed using Gmail.

Group Calendar

Each group has its own calendar which is published on the group’s web page. Details are also included in the “What’s On?” diary. Each calendar is controlled by the group convenor, logged on to Google Calendars using their u3a Account.

Membership System

Our membership records are housed on the Beacon system. This allows members to join and renew their membership online, including the payments of subscriptions. It allows us to store members’ records securely and allows members to view and if necessary amend the information we store about them as individuals. It is where we record group membership.

Beacon is separate from the other systems and comes with its own set of usernames and passwords.