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Committee Meeting 18th January 2023

MINUTES of Committee Meeting 18th January 2023

10 attendees

1 apology received.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

  1. It was confirmed that since the last meeting a member had withdrawn from the Committee but is still willing to continue with the publicity role.
  1. Microphone for Speaker meetings -not all have made  use of this. Perhaps needs to be a  standard part of our procedure .
  1. Donation/Nominal Fee Query– Resolved that:-where a speaker does not charge a fee, there should be a £ 50 payment that can be used in lieu of a donation[where this is requested] to the supported charity so that the donation does not come from wpvu3a directly.
  1. Leaflet/Poster-see man business.
  1. Inclusion of Interest Groups and courses in Newsletter– This is being done.
  1. Terminology in Policies update – the requested changes have been actioned in policies already reviewed. The others ,which predate the last review should  be done on their review.  Resolved to make the make the small   terminology change at this meeting and set the review date for all at 22nd Nov 2023.
  1. Committee Page for Website–  Now complete.
  1. Correct Website addresses in u3a – The correction has been made by NW Region but not yet nationally. To be revisited.
  1. Grant  for croquet mallets– this application is ongoing.     query is to be made to explore the possibility transferring the amount to another purchase-otherwise the grant will have to be returned.

In response to a query regarding a priority list it was confirmed that purchases were made and grants sought   according to need.

Resolved to inform membership that requests may be made for funds to maintain or set up groups. The Publicity Officer will include this in a newsletter in consultation with the Groups Co-ordinator.

Main Business

  1. Publicity push– leaflets were shown to those present for approval.  Thanks were offered to the member for their preparation. Approved that these could be distributed. Noted that there is a need to keep these updated wherever they are distributed.

 -Approval was sought and given on the speakers for May, June, July and November.

Resolved to express our grateful thanks to the Speaker secretary for the excellent, thorough job that he has done in attracting so many members to attend the meetings.

There was clarification of the adjusted timings for the meetings. It was resolved to stay with a 10.30 start for a 45 minute talk.

Resolved to approach the Social Secretary and the Speaker Secretary to arrange dates and to offer it to all the membership on this occasion.

It was proposed to suggest a Friday afternoon.

The Chair will be the contact point for replies once the event has a date and is publicised.

 It was thought that there would be possibilities for u3a use  to explore.

“The West Pennine Villages U3A Committee resolved to appoint Paul Brooking as Treasurer to replace Ian Hodgson. Paul Brooking is to be registered with the Natwest Bank, Charity Commission, PayPal and HMRC as the contact person for all financial matters.

A Letter of Authorisation for PayPal (Europe) will be signed by Ann Furlong, Chair”

With reference to the reconfiguration of u3a google accounts- although the uptake has improved it was suggested that the need to use business addresses be relaxed for group convenors, although use of a google account will still be recommended. This decision was approved.

The point was also emphasised that web pages and calendars need to be kept  up to date.

Attention was also drawn to the preferred way of contacting the Web editor through the website.

Other contacts will be up to the committee- there was a suggestion that these could be approached as a social group event. This idea was greeted positively.

  1. Social Prescribing -progress-   Notes were provided that detailed the contacts made so far.

Thanks were offered to Jane Watson for this hard work.

  1. Accessibility and Inclusion issues – The steps that have been taken since our inauguration in 2019 were set out for the new committee member.

It  was resolved to revisit a number of other venues and explore booking possibilities.

The Membership editor undertook to produce a map indicating the geographical spread of membership.

  1. Initial Arrangements for next AGM -Provisional date fixed for 19th. April. It was suggested that this could be combined with a social event as an incentive to attend. Resolved to return to this for the next meeting.


Date and time of next meeting-15th  March 9.30 am.

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