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Committee Meeting 15th March 2023


Attendees: 9

Apologies:- 2

 The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved  subject to the following amendment:- “With reference to the reconfiguration of u3a google accounts- although the uptake has improved it was suggested that the need to use business addresses be relaxed for group convenors, although use of a google account will still be recommended.”

Matters arising:

  1. Sport England – Reapplication. The  re-application has been submitted  for £3.000. A further £ 1000 will be sought  from the Croquet Association once  a croquet section of the host club is established.
  1. Inspire Youth Zone visit and resulting opportunities ( see main business for issue raised) -The visit went well and there was great interest in the  facilities and variety of activities provided. Contact has been made with regard to a link with wpvu3a. The charge of £25 an hour for use of the facilities was thought to be quite expensive. Another route would be a partnership with the Youth Zone. Funding has been sought for multi-generational activity [similar to the Warm Hubs that have been set up]. Some groups, including wpvu3a have been invited for discussion. Original plans for such links have been delayed by the Pandemic.

There was a request that information be sought re. transport for children from outlying villages.

One wpvu3a member has already run a cooking session as an offshoot of the visit.

  1. Updating of Web pages and Calendar -progress has been made.  An offer of help has been made for those still having difficulties.
  1. Alternative venues– Wheelton and Brindle facilities have been explored again and Wheelton is now being used as a Tai Chi venue. A venue in Brinscall  and a further contact were suggested and will be followed up.
  1. Update on Folk Dancing group- owing to lack of response this group is unlikely to restart at present.
  1. Group Convenors Evening– This was thought to have been successful and appreciated- even though the venue had been more crowded than anticipated.

Thanks were offered to the Groups co-ordinator for her efforts in arranging this.

  1. IT workshops – These had been successful, and thanks were offered to the Web Editor for his work in running these.

Main Business

  1. Treasurer’s report, -[ previously circulated]
  2. There were no significant comments on this- the small deficit was thought to be unimportant considering the healthy surplus funds available.
  3. The Charity Commission have introduced a range of questions to be answered at the next submission. Of the ones that apply to wpvu3a all are covered by the policies already established.
  4. Thanks were offered to those responsible for these policies.

There are activities using the room for which no charge is made.

An  estimate was given of the likely increase in room charges .

It was thought best to leave management of the increase to group convenors.

It was pointed out that even with the increase room hire at WFSSC is still very good value for money.

Thanks were offered to the Treasurer for his analysis.

Resolved to inform membership of the possible increases and the reasons why. This to be issued in the newsletter.

Again, referring to a previously circulated document, discussion followed  on ways of being friendly and welcoming, including:

Those present were asked if they were willing to stand and confirmed that they were.

Each will need a proposer and seconder from this u3a.

There was clarification regarding terms of office and rules re. quorum.

There will need to be information included in AGM notices that go out.

There is also the possibility of a buddy system for roles for non-committee member[ they could observe committee meetings]

This issue should probably go in reports for the AGM.


Date of next meeting- 10th May

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