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Committee Meeting 26th june 2023

Welcome and apologies

 10 Attendees

 1 Apology

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

  1. Croquet hoops Art stool purchase- The purchase of  stools for the Drawing Group is complete. The purchase of croquet hoops is pending.

A previous suggestion regarding a YouTube video is to be further researched.

A larger room at one venue will be researched by the Chair, along with the availability of audio-visual equipment [in order for it to be suitable e.g. for Speaker events].

It was suggested to pursue the Inspire Youth Zone Friday slot -free of charge for the Friday session.

Resolved to ask the membership for further suggestions via the Newsletter.

It was resolved to repeat the request, with particular reference to a role in welcoming new members [especially at Speaker Meetings].

Main Business

  1. Financial Report (Document circulated)- There was nothing further to add-the financial situation is as it should be at this time.

A September break was approved.

A range of other speakers were also approved for the Autumn [including a Christmas Quiz] . The treasurer offered to clarify the donation/fee situation  with the Speaker secretary.

Possible speakers for 2024/5 were offered and there were no objections. Two in particular were commented on positively.

It was clarified that a newsletter item had requested ideas for speakers/topics from the wider membership, but this had yet to be included in the Speaker Secretary’s monthly email.

An offer from Lancashire Volunteer Trust for  a closer relationship with wpvu3a including involvement with Social Prescribing was thought unnecessary. Alternatively, LVT should contact CBC Social Prescribing direct. However, there was no objection to encouraging u3a members to volunteer on an individual basis.

The issue of charity donation v. fee was raised.

 The idea of wpvu3a providing an activity under the umbrella of music was explored with a view to confirming for September. Various concerns were expressed on the practicalities of members volunteering for a regular Friday slot. Ideally this should be a new activity such as Walking Netball.

An appeal is to go out in the newsletter for ideas.

An additional concern was raised with regard to Insurance Cover, since u3a members would mix with other participants. After further discussion, the Treasurer undertook to contact the u3a Northwest trustee to clarify this position.

The two-way benefit of our involvement was strongly emphasised.

A further contact from Edge Hill University was suggested as a possibility.

It was proposed that events such as this should take a different form from the usual Speaker Meetings. The idea was approved in principle.

Some issues of accessibility were further discussed with particular ref. to the road access. Members are reminded that they can request a closer parking space.


Date of next meeting- Wed 9th August

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