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Committee Meeting 9th August 2023

Welcome and apologies

 Attendees- 10

Apologies:- 1

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

  1. Purchase of Croquet Equipment– this is in hand.

It was also thought desirable to have role descriptions on there.

It was thought that an initial common draft was needed.

 Suggestions re. further sessions of a similar type linking with universities were repeated.

Main Business

  1. Financial Report (Documents circulated)-There was nothing further to add and these were approved.

At present large amounts of cash are being handled multiple times and the use of a card reader should reduce this, save time and effort, increase security and act as future proofing.

On the negative side-this could be slower with large numbers of attendees etc.

Resolved to research further after agreement in principle. This would not exclude the use of cash, however and the practicalities of accepting a mixture of cash and contactless were discussed.

It was pointed out that for security a password is requested now, which may cause problems for some members.

 It was resolved to include a warning in the renewal reminder and to offer the option of BACS payment where a difficulty is encountered.

It was also resolved to make July 1st the date from which new members could join without paying again in Sept [2024].

After discussion it was resolved to print the membership cards-these to be distributed through groups where possible.

There will be ‘Thankyou’   meeting with opportunities to try some activities at 11am on 20th September-  possibly catered externally. The invitation will be extended to friends and potential new members and will ask for approximate numbers attending.

This is to be publicised in an email and in the Newsletter and will be organised by an informal subcommittee.

Although Inspire insurance covers all events that happen there, there was still some disquiet at the implications for wpvu3a activities taking place there-if the event is open to the public the u3a insurance does not apply [ this after consultation with u3a NW].

It was resolved to look further into involving music groups on a voluntary basis [NB. not as a committee decision].

 After a vote the majority agreed that – In principle wpvu3a is supporting the venture provided support is given by individual groups/ members.

The Chair offered to clarify the position with NW u3a.


Resolved to add this to the next agenda. Date and time of next meeting-  27th Sept 2023

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