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Committee Meeting 27th September 2023

Welcome and apologies

Attendees- 8

Apologies:- 1

Approval of previous minutes

Matters arising:

  1. Croquet Equipment.   – This is purchased and is now in use. It was confirmed that this is a u3a asset which can also be loaned [e.g. to WFSSC]
  • Role descriptions for Committee.      – it had previously been thought that a draft format was desirable before individual committee members drafted their own. The Groups Co-ordinator undertook to prepare this draft format.
  • Health Centre Leaflets.    – These have been delivered.
  • November Speaker venue.  – this has been confirmed as Hillside in Brinscall.
  • Eric Midwinter’s quotation-After some explanation of a members reaction to this quotation, it was resolved to leave it on the website, but otherwise adhere to the established u3a information / quotation. Any further reaction will be monitored and noted.
  • Psychology thank you gift. – This gift has been given and well received with thanks.
  • Card reader update.  [Document circulated] -A Square terminal was displayed with explanation/ demonstration of its   functions .There was extensive discussion/clarification of the type of information to be stored and some issues of confidentiality explored. Resolved: to purchase.

Thanks were offered to the Treasurer for his hard work on preparing for this.

  • Inspire update.  – A singing session had been offered with limited response. A further handbells session was due to take place.

                        It was concluded that wpvu3a is unlikely to benefit from this link, but                         a later visit was still thought possible. Another possibility would be                              participation in information/ publicity sessions if held.

  • Succession planning.    – Those present were reminded that this needed further consideration.

There was discussion around methods of recruitment and how to communicate with the membership about the work that the committee does.

Main Business

1.Financial Report. [Documents circulated] This was approved- there were no additional comments. Thanks were offered to the Treasurer for his work.

2.Speaker Secretary Report. [Document circulated]     -The proposals in the document were approved – in particular the change of Speaker for the next Speaker Meeting- which needed a swift decision.

There was some discussion with regard to how much the Speaker Secretary needs to rely on a whole committee approval for his speakersThe Chair undertook to consult with him on this subject.

  • Membership Update. Cards, non-renewals etc   – No cards will be issued until memberships run out- 26 are currently outstanding. There are legitimate reasons for some not rejoining but those present were given a list so that they could be contacted where necessary.

There followed a discussion on timing issues with rejoining.  Flexibility was recommended.

Resolved to offer support to those not rejoining and to ask to be informed of any special circumstances this could be done on the third reminder.

The issue of people making ad hoc payments in cash was raised.

This also has implications for Treasurer workload as does BACS.

It was also pointed out that although members have found the new password system difficult, it IS much more secure.

One particular difficulty results from members mis-remembering personal details originally given.

Resolved to remind members to check this before the next renewal.

It was also suggested that screenshots be used  to  support renewals.

  • Further links with Universities- Further links with Manchester, Edge Hill Universities and UCLAN have been established. 

Professor Frome- expert on Evo-fit- will do a talk and encourage volunteers to take part. Some events may possibly be linked with the STEM group.

These will be group events, possibly at different venues for winter. Contact will be made with the Brinscall venue as a better venue for evening meetings- these possibly to be scheduled for once a month.

  • Report from Cluster meeting– The Chair and Treasurer had attended this meeting.  Minutes were offered to those present.  Some issues raised were highlighted.
  • Anniversary Party– Thought to be a great success in spite of adverse weather conditions at the start. It was thought that a number of non-members had attended.
  • Archive for old newsletters etc.- It was suggested that an archive of Newsletters might be useful information. Against this idea is a) the fact that the Newsletters reflect current practice and activity, b) There are issues of quality and security [ e.g. there may be personal details] in making previous ones available.

            A final decision on whether to   pursue this was deferred.

  • Weekend Activities– It had been observed that most u3a activities take place at weekends.

             The original premise for the MOTO Group was explained as        intending to fit this idea, but members had focussed on a single       activity and were satisfied with it.

            A weekend walking group was suggested.

                  It was resolved to ask the membership in the next Newsletter.                     The Groups Convenor will contact the Publicity Secretary.

  •  IT Systems succession planning – The Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Web Editor have met and reviewed the resilience of the current provision. A stage has been reached where a road map has been established for more involvement in the systems. This opens up other possibilities for involvement- possibly an IT Troubleshooting group  ( preferably under a more friendly name), a group that can support convenors in the better use of systems.  

That said there still needs to be accountability to the committee. The completion of this plan will be 6 months hence.

  1. u3a Email –[ Document circulated] – The current system is via a google account. Among others there is an issue with the transfer of accounts [as will happen with changes of role]. Google for Workspace has become available and wpvu3a has applied and been accepted. Accounts can be given to committee members etc. It will be easier to manage change and a number of other advantages were quoted including simplicity. Reference was also made to problems etc. listed in the circulated document. There was clarification of the fact that Beacon is not currently affected except for the sending of emails.

Sessions are scheduled for assistance with this.

  1. Policy Review November [Policies are available on the website ] These are to be re-read and any concerns to be communicated prior to the next meeting.


  • Decided that u3a should not mark significant illness or demise with a communication.
  • Bees Country Kitchen will host Cookery Demonstration- possibly with a Christmas theme.
  • The Groups update should be returned to the regular agenda

Date and time of next meeting- Thurs 2nd Nov.

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