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Committee Meeting 10th January 2024

Welcome was offered to those present and to 3 potential committee members observing the session.

Attendees: -9

No apologies were received.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Matters arising

1.Draft format for Role Descriptions– Attention was drawn to the role descriptions on the u3a main website [ with some exceptions].  The Membership secretary offered to explore how these could be used.

2.Update on Card Reader– The Treasurer updated the committee on some of the challenges encountered so far. One possibility for resolution is a small, laminated card to attach and/or for someone who is familiar to assist. To put pressure on members to use it was thought unhelpful. It was also thought desirable to meet with convenors who need to change details.

Overall, an increasing number of members are using it.

3.Membership update.  – Membership now stands at 207. Following an issue with a tick box on the membership form, this has now been removed from physical and online versions.                                    

4. Migration update – help desk.        – Attention was drawn to the Help Button on the website as the preferred way to request help.             

5.Policy adjustments

Agreed adjustments had been made to the following:

a. Trustee code of conduct.

       b. Safeguarding.

c. Review Box- at the end of policies is now in place.

Still needing an update- Code of Conduct, Accessibility, Equality and Safeguarding [date and name of reviewer].                                           

d.  There will be a newsletter item that points out to members that these policies exist and where they can be found.

6.Shared space for data storage – So far there has been limited progress on this. – the IT team members will be available to assist after familiarisation with the process.

7.Promotional material – this is updated and available for distribution.               

8.Christmas Quiz– The quiz was well received and enjoyed. Thanks were offered to the organisers.                                            

9.  U3a bunting- has been received and is in use                                                   


  1. Finance Report.  (Documents circulated)  – The Treasurer had nothing further to add save to emphasise that the transfer to a future treasurer will be smooth.

There is very limited take up of the microphone but in terms of accessibility wpvu3a needs to offer this. This requirement to be added to the letter issued to Speakers.

The Membership secretary offered to take on the role of facilitator when in attendance.

Other discussion included the possible installation of a loop system on refurbishment of WFSSC and a newsletter request for opinion on the general audibility of Speaker Sessions.

A suggested amendment had been circulated by the Treasurer and a further example was quoted from another charity.

It was noted that there needs to remain an awareness of the danger of an ageing membership of committee and therefore the need for new blood.

Resolved to use the suggested amendment with minor changes  along with an explanation of the reasons.

The treasurer will make these minor changes.

There is to be a meeting to move the Cinema group forward.

New groups, STEM and Strollers are successful.

There has been a request for a Dancing group  but as yet no offer has been received to facilitate this. A request will be included in the newsletter.

Successes have been: –

Marginally less successful has been an attempt, along with the STEM group to establish Science /Engineering links with the universities. These efforts will continue in 2024

Attempts to forge links with Inspire to gain a two-way benefit for community/ wpvu3a weren’t realised as anticipated and therefore we have withdrawn from this. It did, however, raise the profile of u3a.

The links with social prescribing have not really borne fruit and any links with local charities are more likely to be social.

Opportunities for 2024 include: –

Thanks were offered to the Partnerships Co-ordinator for her work on this.

There was an explanation of reasons for the decision not to use social media. There is a general u3a Facebook page.

Advice has been sought and a final contact will be made to state the matter is considered closed.

There being no further business, the date of the next meeting was set at 28th February .

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