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Committee Meeting 28th February 2024

Welcome and apologies




The  previous minutes were approved

Matters arising

  1. Role Description adjustments – Access to the website allows members to edit their role descriptions.  
  2. The Membership Secretary will post the Accessibility role description as circulated.
  3. Update on Card Reader use.   – A meeting with convenors who need to change details has yet to be arranged.     Noted:- there needs to be more experience of use than was anticipated. It was suggested that at large events there is a need for members already familiar with the procedure to be on hand to assist. Several members of the committee volunteered to assist.
  4. Migration progress-update -The use of the Help button has been tested successfully. This helps the IT Team to learn how to provide help.
  5. Policy adjustments-deferred

Confirmed that a Newsletter item re. policies has been sent out.

  • Shared space- The original plan to use Google drive was explained as effectively an automatic backup for files.

This has since been updated. Explanation of how the use of a G Drive  would work was offered.

  • Newsletter audibility request- No results have been received.
  • Minor Constitution Changes – It was agreed that the wording suggested by TAT was appropriate. The Secretary will inform them that we are proceeding and then after the AGM inform them and the Charity Commission of the outcome.


  1. Finance Report.  (Documents circulated) – Generally approved. The surplus funds accrued were discussed with suggestions for its use discussed.The decision was delayed until the end of the Financial Year, with a view to an announcement at the upcoming AGM for the next membership year.

Those present were reminded of Riviera Cruise benefits for u3a’s. 

It was suggested that this benefit, along with other, similar u3a schemes be publicised in the upcoming newsletter.

  • Speaker Report (Document circulated)

The highlighted additional Speaker bookings were approved [for August and November 2024.]

The Speaker secretary has expressed the desire to relinquish the post for 2025.

Thanks were offered to the Speaker Secretary for his hard work in preparing the report and such a stimulating programme of speakers.

There will be an appeal for volunteers at the AGM in April with a view to having a volunteer in place by September.

  • Membership Update– Currently there are 211 members.
  • Constitution -Discussion re Terms of Office. (Document circulated) – see Matters Arising.
  • Groups update. -The cinema group is now defunct .The Allotment Group is now meeting.

All other groups are progressing well including the Walking Group.

  • Partnerships update (Documents circulated)- Thanks were offered to the co-ordinator for her thoroughness and hard work in this area. Points for discussion were: –
  • Partnership with Mawdesley was agreed to in principle and members agreed to raise points where required before the 15th March visit.
  • Agreed that Partnerships co-ordinator liaise with the convenors of relevant groups such as STEM and disseminate UCLAN and other future opportunities. Groups co-ordinator will discuss this with her and also suggested that the activities should be promoted via routes such as the newsletter.
  • Arrangements regarding access to IT Systems when vacating a West.

Pennine Villages u3a position (Document circulated)

The contents of the document were noted, and thanks offered to the web Editor for this information.

  • AGM preparation- Periods of notice were confirmed .It was resolved to ask for nominations for the committee posts and to inform the membership of the TAT recommendation.

Catering will be  provided [ to be confirmed later].

  • Convenors get together. – Past traditions were explained. It was thought a good idea to combine this with an IT troubleshooting session.  The suggestion was that the IT team should run this session for further experience.

 It was thought that use of WFSSC in an evening after Easter would be desirable- possibly with use of ‘Bees’ catering.


  • Newsletter items:-

An appeal was made for new ideas for inclusion in order to enrich the content.

Resolved to emphasise with convenors the need to provide content in time for publication.

Among other suggestions were tips such as scam awareness, travel hints , recipes.

  • A request has been received from someone experiencing loneliness – needing  initial help. Resolved to assist where required at first from among members of the committee.
  • It was thought that informal contact when visiting the Health Centre was the most useful way of promoting the u3a with a view to combating loneliness.
  • Facebook promotion was discussed- resolved that the best way was for individuals to post in local village FB groups.
  • Resolved also to re-explore having an on-screen display during e.g. Drop-Ins.

Date of next meeting -AGM 17th April-10am.