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Committee Meeting 10th May 2023

Welcome and apologies

 8 Attendees

 3 Apologies

Minutes of the previous meeting with amendments  – were approved with  a further slight amendment.

Matters arising:

  1. Update re croquet grants applied for.    -The Sport England application has been declined. Thanks were offered to the Accessibility Officer for her support in this. There are other avenues to explore for this.

A request for a further  funding for a set of Croquet hoops was approved.

It was further resolved to research more local sources for funding.

Resolved that the lettering should be white on blue, with a vertical rather than a horizontal arrangement.

It was also thought that any further embellishment such as arrows would restrict flexibility of use – these could be affixed temporarily.

A further sign for parking was requested and approved.

The Secretary undertook to compile a list  if members would provide the locations they had been responsible for.                                

10) Update on new equipment purchased– Pickleball equipment is purchased  but stools for the Drawing group are still to be purchased.

Main Business

  1. Treasurers Report (Documents circulated)-Gift aid has been received. It was  resolved to research the relationship between those declaring for gift aid originally and current members. It is currently not possible to use “change of details” on the website to declare for gift aid after joining – the membership secretary will contact the web-editor to see if this can be made possible. It can only currently be done by emailing the membership secretary direct. A previous newsletter appeal to encourage gift aid has been made but a direct email to those who have not declared can be made now by the membership secretary.

Changes made to the accounts layout for clarity  were explained and  this and the budget set were approved.

An attempt has been made to submit  report  to the Charity Commission but it is not yet due.

2  remaining speakers were approved and re-approved.

The issue of no meetings in August and September was discussed. Resolved to leave for this year and reconsider for next year-possible close just for 1 month in future.

A change   from the well-established Wednesday slot for Speaker Meetings was thought not advisable.

It was suggested that an appeal to members for suggestions for speakers and speaker topics –  a way of involving members . This was thought to be a good idea and will be passed on to the Speaker Secretary.

There was a request for some text for the newsletter on the last speaker and a committee member undertook to provide this.

Thanks were offered to JW for all the work undertaken on these. 


  1. update publicity to emphasise our ‘welcoming, friendly and inclusive’ approach in all we offer.
  2. use additional forms of communication to keep everyone up to date e.g. WhatsApp Groups, emails , word of mouth.
  3. Make information on Social activities more widely available where this is possible.
  4. Encourage new members to come to a Drop In session where they will be shown our website and how to navigate it (if necessary)
  5. Send new members an email welcoming them to our u3a 
  6. With the new member’s permission – welcome them via the newsletter.
  7. Try to use ‘known as’ names in our communication with members rather than a formal first name where necessary.


  1. Actively look at other venues for our speaker meetings and some of our interest groups.

            Member Support

  1. Try to have a nominated person to talk to
  2. Encourage Group Convenors to chat to a new member after their first session to get any feedback.
  3. Provide a waiting list for Groups that are presently full so that if places become available they can be offered to those on the list.

Member Voice

  1. Ask all members to suggest topics for the speaker talks.
  2. Need to follow up offers of help.

                        Monitoring -We will regularly review all the above.

Aa communication to members on the survey will be formulated.

There was an offer to investigate the possibilities of a You-Tube video re navigating the web-site etc.

Good progress reported.

The opening is now scheduled for 26th May. PR information has been provided for wpvu3a use.

Committee was asked to consider how best to help, how to promote to members. Some activities have already been offered by this u3a, although all may not in the end be available.

It was thought a good idea to ask members what activities they would like to see and participate in that are not currently available.

This would be a stepping stone to involvement with outside groups such as wpvu3a.

There is no financial link but equipment is loaned in both directions where necessary e.g. tennis and croquet.


Date and time of next meeting-26th June

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