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Committee Meeting 10th August 2022

Minutes of Committee Meeting 10th August 2022

Welcome from Vice Chair 

Present- 6 attendees

 and  5 apologies were received.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

  1. Policy Review- see main business. 
  1. Progress on Banking Issues. 
  • Mandates are complete with regard to signatories.
  • Application for online banking has been rejected a second time- clarification has been sought.
  • After discussion and reference to the finance Policy and the Constitution- Resolved to use  a 1 signature system for online banking with an intention to review if the financial situation changes.
  • Change of address is deferred until Online Banking is finalised.
  • Updating of PayPal has been delayed until subscription collection is complete.
  1. Newsletter format progress– carried forward to the next meeting.
  1. Handbell purchases and Sport England Application– The handbell equipment is purchased. Confirmed that the Insurance covers equipment such as this, but a further check will be made.

Sport England has been contacted re. Croquet Equipment but as yet no acknowledgment has been received.

  1. Report on IT workshop [ New website -main business] – The workshop took place as scheduled. It was clarified that the preferred email addresses to use are wpvu3a.org.uk addresses. Some further steps need to be taken for all to be able to send using that address.

A list has already been sent out detailing preferred addresses. Further adjustments need to be made and further encouragement given.

Confirmed that to email members use Beacon. Otherwise email from Gmail account and use addresses as detailed in a document already circulated.

A follow up session may be necessary.

An additional item re the Bluetooth speaker and microphone was clarified. There is a need to test the combination in an environment like the Speaker meeting to establish whether it will be effective.

  1. Physical Assets register progress– this now established.

Main Business

  1. Treasurer’s report,   accounts and associated issues-[  documents previously circulated] –The Treasurer’s Report was approved without comment. Accounts to March 2022 also approved.

An issue re. refunds arising  from a recent visit was explained. There is a need for an amendment to the Finance Policy. Resolved that prior information needs to be given stating that payments would be non-refundable. The Treasurer will bring back the amended policy at a later date.  Tickets should not be passed to non members.

With regard to pre-purchase of tickets, financial loss stays with the organiser.  Members should be encouraged to pay online.

A physical receipt book will be used though online payments were preferable.

  1. Speaker Meetings – No further comments had been received although the Speaker secretary had undertaken to clarify previous decisions with proposed speakers.

There had been some concern expressed that the last speaker had made inappropriate remarks. The Speaker Secretary is proposing to add the following to invitations sent to speakers- “West Pennine Villages u3a is a forward-looking group of like-minded people who try to be fully inclusive and respectful of each other. We would appreciate that visiting speakers reflect this ethos in presentation, language, and attitude.” This was thought to be appropriate.

  1. Proposed u3a fee increase-  

Resolved: To vote at the National AGM- Chair is registered to vote.

Resolved after vote: To vote yes to the first proposal that the annual membership subscription be increased from April 2023.

  1. Renewal Fees for 22/23 + approval of the renewal email- 

Resolved: that the wpvu3a fees remain at £15 for current members and £20 for new members.

It was thought important that the fee remains affordable and that this is emphasised.

The renewal email was approved with the proviso that a link should go direct to renewals.

  1. Policy review :

The  Finance policy was approved. Additions will be added and submitted at a later date.

The suggestion that a Sub- Committee be established to consider the rest of the policies was accepted.

Resolved to ask for 3 volunteers in addition to the person responsible in an email. Any other comments to be submitted to this sub-committee when established

  1. New Website –  Many comments have been  offered on the Website thus far especially on the inclusion of images and colour. The rationale behind the colour scheme was explained and how this facilitates use on a mobile phone. The original poster does not work with the new format, and in addition, the new format makes it possible for example, for a visually impaired user to access the text, providing descriptions for example of a picture. There is a statement on the website re. web accessibility e.g., font management. There was further explanation of modifications the user might access e.g., through Abilitynet. 

It was thought that such attention to accessibility could only be to wpvu3a’s advantage.

It was emphasised that the responsibility for each page including such things as pictures is the responsibility of the convenor or officer. Further clarifications were offered.

The Web editor requested that the new web-site should go live as soon as possible- ideally 1st Sept. This was approved.


  •  Open -Day- as an alternative to a September Open Day, a combined AGM and social occasion was suggested, with an example similar event being explained. This would act as a token of appreciation to members. This could be at an alternative venue. Since the event is likely to be as late as April 2023, there is ample time to further discuss this.
  • There was a reminder that the local cluster meeting is the responsibility of wpvu3a and takes place on 26th Sept. Resolved to access a caterer for sandwiches. The groups Co-ordinator offered to research this with a known caterer for costings. 
  •  A request by the treasurer to purchase vinyl banners for display at entrance points to WFSSC and roadside was approved.

Next meeting-28th  Sept. 

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