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Annual General Meeting 2020

Annual General Meeting of West Pennine Villages

10am Wednesday 2nd December 2020 via ZOOM 



Ann Furlong Geoff Tittensor Norma Tittensor Maria Booking Jacqueline  Cleator Lynn Worden Clive Bass Graham Green Steven Perry Maggy Simms  Kay Aldred Mike Parker Kathryn Parker Alan Cleator Jenny Sides Paul  Brooking Audrey Perry 

Apologies: – Paul Bennett, P and R Goldsworthy; I. Hodgson was unable to  access the meeting owing to technical difficulties. 

The chair welcomed those present and summarised the development of this  u3a since a first meeting 21 months past, through the establishment of a  steering committee and the official launch on 4/9/19 to this AGM. 

It was reported and confirmed that 21 votes in total had been received prior to  the meeting. A further 9 available at this meeting 

1. Approval of Trustee reports previously circulated. – 30 positive votes 0  against. 

2. Approval of Trustee Accounts previously circulated . -30 positive votes  subject to conditions below. 

Information was provided that a member had raised some discrepancies  in the Financial Report. The Treasurer has been informed of this and has  agreed that the Trustee accounts be voted on subject to an amendment.  

This does not affect overall income and expenditure, which present an  overall accurate financial picture-the issue being the methods used. The 

amended report is to be posted on the website along with the minutes of  this meeting.  

Further discussion followed on the issues raised, including confirmation  that at present an external auditor is not a requirement. It was agreed  that input was needed on the standard method of recording the  accounts. 

Resolved: to approve the accounts at this meeting with the proviso that  the Treasurer receives support from the member who raised the issues. [Proposed by G. Tittensor, seconded by S. Perry] 

3. Election of Officers:- 30 positive votes 0 against. 

Chair- Ann Furlong 

Vice Chair-Geoff Tittensor 

Treasurer-Ian Hodgson 

Secretary-Norma Tittensor 

4. Election of 8 ordinary committee Members- 30 positive votes 0 against Maria Brooking 

Jacqueline Cleator 

Lynn Worden 

Steven Perry 

Clive Bass 

Maggy Simms 

Graham Green 

Kay Aldred 

5. Proposal: to seek approval to amend our constitution to allow  different methods [including virtual] for AGMs in future.  

30 positive votes 0 against 

6. Points raised by member-M. Parker . 

Thanks were offered to the committee for its hard work, especially given the  unusual and unexpected circumstances.

It was noted that a similar message of appreciation had been received from P  and R Gilmore. 

7. Closing comments from the Chair. 

The Chair offered thanks to the committee, now officially elected. A new  committee member was welcomed. It was noted that were fortunate  enough to be able to establish our u3a for the 6 months prior to the  pandemic. This has stood the group in good stead and enabled it to  survive and hopefully emerge stronger. 

There being no further business ,the meeting was closed at 10.20am.

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