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Role description – Secretary

1.     Document purpose

To outline the role and responsibilities of a Secretary, sometimes referred to as a Business Secretary.

2.   Role summary
  • To support the Chair in ensuring the smooth running of the board of Trustees (the committee). 
  • To take overall responsibility for the day to day administration of the u3a. 
  • To deal with all correspondence and the circulation of information. 
  • To ensure meetings are effectively organised and minuted. 
  • To maintain effective records.  
  • To act as an information and reference point for all members of the committee. 
3.   Main responsibilities

3.1.                  Organisation of meetings
  • To receive agenda items from committee members. 
  • To liaise with the chair to compile committee meeting agendas and agree supporting paperwork and to circulate with the draft minutes in good time. 
  • To ensure a quorum is present at each committee meeting. 
  • To ensure the minutes of the previous committee meeting are approved.  
  • To ensure any queries/comments/complaints from members are considered by the committee. 
  • To produce the AGM agenda and supporting paperwork in consultation with the committee for circulation to the members. 
  • To help to organise the AGM checking the meeting is quorate before commencing and that all stipulated procedures are adhered to. 
  • To take minutes at business meetings. 
  • To organise meetings.  
3.2.                  General administration
  • To stay up to date with information, policy and procedural changes and legislative requirements as advised by u3a Office. 
  • To disseminate any mailings or information from u3a Office to the committee – as required. 
  • To liaise with trustees to complete and return administrative documents from u3a Office and from the charity regulatory authorities, if applicable. 
  • To notify u3a Office of all relevant changes on the committee.  
  • To maintain a file of accident reports. 
  • To renew the CLA licence, if required. 
  • To contact u3a Office with insurance queries or potential claims. 
  • To assist the Chair with the production of the annual report for the AGM. 
3.3.                  Correspondence
  • To respond to incoming correspondence, consulting with the committee where necessary. 
  • To write letters on behalf of the u3a as directed by the committee. 
  • To keep a log of all incoming and outgoing correspondence for committee perusal. 
3.4.                  Maintenance of records  
  • To act as the custodian of the u3a’s constitution and the relevant policies and procedures. 
  • To develop an efficient and secure system for storing u3a information. 
  • To maintain an archive of important documents e.g. AGM minutes, annual reports, past committee meeting minutes – as agreed.  
3.5.                  Dissemination of information
  • To receive mailings from the u3a Office and to communicate the information to the members of the committee and u3a members as appropriate.
  • To make approved committee meeting minutes available to any u3a member who requests them and/or make them available via the u3a website. 
3.6.                  On completion
  • To carry out a comprehensive handover to the new Secretary.
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