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Role description – Membership Secretary

1.     Document purpose

To outline the role and responsibilities of a Membership Secretary.

2.   Role summary
  • To provide information to prospective members. 
  • To be responsible for the paperwork and administration pertaining to u3a membership. 
  • To maintain accurate membership records in the desired format. 
3.   Main responsibilities

Please note, the specific tasks listed below are in addition to the statutory requirements and responsibilities of trustees of charitable organisations in the UK as laid down by the relevant regulatory bodies.

3.1.                  Prospective members
  • Responding to enquiries from prospective members and providing them with full and detailed information on the ethos of the u3a organisation, costs, the membership application process, Gift Aid  and the available space in the current interest groups. 
3.2.                  New members

  • Reviewing with the committee the reasonable adjustments that might be needed to ensure accommodation of members with health or disability issues.  
  • Production and distribution of membership cards.   
  • Maintaining close contact with the Group Coordinator in order to provide new members with  accurate information about availability in interest groups. 
  • Ensure that joining information on the website is accurate and up to date. 
  • Review the membership application form periodically to ensure it is fit for purpose. 
3.3.                  Membership fees and Gift Aid
  • Liaising with the Treasurer on the financial aspects of membership e.g. accepted methods of payment, pro-rata subscriptions etc. 
  • Overseeing the renewal process. 
  • Sending out reminders and final reminders when renewal is due using all possible means e.g. newsletter, email. 
  • Maintaining a record of those members who wish to gift aid and passing the paperwork to the treasurer. 
  • Encouraging members to consider signing up to gift aid if they have not already done so. 
  • Recording of fees received and pass to the treasurer for banking as soon as possible. 
  • The reissue of membership cards or other proof of membership.  
  • Ensuring all non payers are deleted once the grace period is over and reminding group leaders to check that their group members have all rejoined. 
  • Follow up with members who do not rejoin and try to discover the reason. 
3.4.                  Record keeping
  • Maintaining up to date membership information in line with GDPR requirements and overseeing deletion of redundant membership information. 
  • Providing the committee with accurate figures for new members and the total number of current members. 
  • Creation and maintenance of an accurate database of members who wish to receive Third Age Matters. 
  • Uploading of accurate data via the online portal to the distribution company for Third Age Matters.  
3.5.                  On completion
  • To carry out a comprehensive handover to the new Membership Secretary.
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