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For the uninitiated, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or perhaps a better description would be ‘How the World Works’.  You don’t need a technical background or a love of equations to enjoy the meetings – just an interest in ‘stuff’.  And the ‘stuff’ in question can cover Black Holes to Biology, Vaccines to Vehicles or Nikola Tesla to Stephen Hawking.

This is a brand new group, so it will be for the participants to shape how it progresses.  The initial concept has two strands – first, speakers, either external or from among the members and, second, visits. 

The group’s subject matter could be anything that loosely fits into STEM – all ideas are welcome.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday 15th November at 10am in the Withnell Fold Social Centre when a presentation will be given titled ‘SO, YOU THINK IT’S SAFE TO FLY?’.

If you have any queries, requests or comments about the STEM Group please leave a message. If you don’t provide an email address please provide contact details in your message.
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