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For the uninitiated, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or perhaps a better description would be ‘How the World Works’.  You don’t need a technical background or a love of equations to enjoy the meetings – just an interest in ‘stuff’.  And the ‘stuff’ in question can cover Black Holes to Biology, Vaccines to Vehicles or Nikola Tesla to Stephen Hawking.

This is now a well established group which runs with two strands – first, speakers, either external or from among the members and, second, visits. 

The group’s subject matter could be anything that loosely fits into STEM – all ideas are welcome.


April 18 Guided Tour of the British Commercial Vehicle Museum

May 15 Presentation from the Canals and Rivers Trust on how the canal network was built

June 19 Visit to Making Rooms in Blackburn

July 17 Presentation on Forensic Analysis of Vehicle Accidents

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