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To contact the group please leave a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

The Social Group is intended for members who would like to get together to participate in a wide range of activities. We want to have fun, learn and get to know existing and new members.

In the past, members have enjoyed lunches, afternoon tea, live music (classical and contemporary), guided tours of local and regional attractions and ten pin bowling, all of which have been popular.

We are always looking for new ideas for events and if you have any thoughts as to activities which you think might interest the group, or you would like to join, please do contact us using the form below or email at social@westpenninevillagesu3a.org.uk

Dates of forthcoming events will be published in the monthly Newsletter. Members of this Group will also be contacted by email. Dates of future events can also be found in the Social Group calendar below (click through for event details where finalised), or the main website events schedule. Events listed for the next couple of months will generally be finalised as to date/time/instructions etc. Those for later in the year may be subject to to change to reflect availability of venues and the preferences of members. It may be necessary to limit the numbers for certain events due to capacity constraints – in this instance, places will be allocated in the order responses to the event specific e-mail are received.

Our activities tend to be a mix of local and those farther afield. Being conscious of environmental considerations, as well as acknowledging that not every member has access to or feels comfortable taking their own transport to distance activities, we do have a Whatsapp group dedicated to arranging car sharing (or perhaps agreeing to use public transport) between members – please ask if you would like to be added to this group.

If you would like to join the group or have any questions, please use the form below to send a message

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