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Sitters in Situ

To contact the group please leave a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

The initial aim is to explore making artwork about people without focussing primarily on facial features – however the group may want to change this! It will rely on the ethos of the U3A in sharing knowledge, skills, interests and experiences – and establishing a WhatsApp group.

Any member of the group then volunteers to act as the next convenor . . . . finds a sitter, discusses details, posts the call out etc. . . . and so on.

We don’t need a large group on any one day but can have a long list of group members who then are free to sign up for a session that suits them.
If no sessions appear to suit a member then that member will need to volunteer as a convenor and arrange a session that does suit them!
The frequency of sessions doesn’t appear to matter and may be erratic.
Since we are dependent on the sitter’s availability this is not likely to be a regular activity on a specific day.

Members wishing to join this group please contact Olivia (the group leader) via this webpage. Ideally you will provide her with a mobile phone number that will be used to set up a SiS WhatsApp group.


Tuesday 16th August  10am – 1pm at Lady Hall Farm Marsh Lane, Brindle, PR6 8NY

At last I think we have a sitter and a date. . . . So, everyone welcome – tea, coffee, elderflower cordial, cake, kettle, loo available – we will be under cover, in a shippon, drawing William and some ewes.  I have several easels so if you want to use one please do.  I have various materials that you are welcome to experiment with . . . please do invite anyone you think might be/might not be interested. . . Let’s just see what happens


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