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Pickleball is a relatively new and rapidly growing racket or paddle game from the States. The game which can be played on either an indoor or outdoor courts is played on a doubles badminton court with a 3′ high net using solid Pickleball paddles and a solid ball. If you’re new to the game you’ll quickly find this is an easy sport to learn and one which can appeal to all ages.

Our u3a group meet every Tuesday from 1pm until 2pm at All Seasons Leisure Centre, Water Street, Chorley. We always book two courts in advance at a cost of £10 per court. To cover the cost of this we collect £3 per person each week. Sometimes a third court is required depending on the numbers so any surplus money collected either pays for this or goes towards any new equipment when required. Paddles and balls are supplied for anyone who wants to “try before you buy.” We also have a WhatsApp group to help communication between members. For further details and to be added to the Pickleball Group please contact Mike Smith using the contact form below.

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