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To contact the group please leave a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

This group will aim to develop drawing skills and confidence using a variety of materials.

The group usually meets fortnightly.

Each session will usually include some of the following, although, of course the content and shape of the sessions will be decided by the members.

  • Warm- up activity for each session- a fun activity to ‘loosen up’ which might include drawing with something unusual…
  • An activity to encourage just looking…
  • Drawing of a specific type of object / arrangement, including natural forms , the built environment and ourselves
  • Finding positives about our own work

More than anything else we shall just be absorbed and relaxed by what we are doing and have FUN!

If you have any queries, requests or comments about the Drawing Group please leave a message. If you don’t provide an email address please provide contact details in your message.
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